Wilson and Stacey

Summer 2013.

Dr. Nan-Ying (Wilson) Yu (right), Dept. of Physical Therapy, I-Shou University, and Dr. Shao-Hsia (Stacey) Chang (middle), Dept. of Occupational Therapy, I-Shou University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.


Angelo Sayo

Andrew Kristina Hickey Bryce Simon

Sarah Odom

Kristina Hickey SfN 2014

Seth Fontenot LCAC 2015

Rachel Schumate LCAC 2015

Audrey 2016

Jasmine 2016

LCAC 2017 Tyler Aisner

Current Members
Arend W. A. Van Gemmert, Ph.D.

Dr. Van Gemmert received his bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and his Masters and PhD degrees in Experimental Psychology from the University of Nijmegen (currently Radboud University), Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In 1992, he also was an ERASMUS Student (European Exchange Program) in the Department of Psychology at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, and in 1994 he received a NATO Fellowship (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) to attend the summer workshop on “Multisensory Control of Movement” at the ISAS, Trieste, Italy (International School for Advanced Studies). In 1997, he moved to the United States, to join the Motor Control laboratory at Arizona State University (ASU), Tempe, Arizona, directed by Professor George E. Stelmach. At ASU, he first was a Post-doctoral research Associate (1997 – 1999); then he became a Faculty Research Associate which he was till 2005 when he got promoted to Associate Professor Research. In 1999, he got appointed as a Special Project Associate in the Department of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, Arizona. In the latter function, he was assigned to be part of the research team of Dr. Charles H. Adler. Both his appointments at Mayo Clinic and ASU ended when Dr. Van Gemmert joined the faculty of the Department of Kinesiology (currently School of Kinesiology) at Louisiana State University (LSU), in August 2008. Immediately after his arrival at LSU, he started the LSU Fine Motor Control and Learning laboratory and joined the faculty of the LSU Life Course and Aging Center (LCAC).

Dr. Van Gemmert is assigned to teach classes in motor learning, and he is part of the Human Movement Science concentration (BS) and Motor Behavior concentration (MS & PhD) programs in Kinesiology at LSU. Furthermore, he is the graduate program coordinator of the interdisciplinary Life Span Studies certificate program (CLSS) and the Faculty advisor for the Pre-OT Club at LSU.

Dr. Van Gemmert professional memberships include the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA), the Society for Neuroscience (SfN), the American Psychological Association (APA-divisions: Experimental Psychology (3), Adult Development & Aging (20), and Rehabilitation Psychology (22)), the Psychonomic Society (PsyS; Fellow), and the International Graphonomics Society (IGS). At the IGS, he served as Secretary (2001-2005) and Treasurer (2001-2007); he was a member of the Advisory Council (2007-2009); and he was elected to serve as President (2011-2013). After his term as President of IGS ended in 2013, he became again Secretary (2014-present) of the IGS.

Dr. Van Gemmert’s research interests centers around the control of fine motor tasks, such as handwriting, drawing, pointing, and reach-to-grasp movements. More specific, his interests center around three different, but related, themes. 1) The first area is focused on the mechanisms causing changes in motor control during increased demands due to stress and/or mental load. 2) The second area is focused on the changes in fine movement control due to physiologic deterioration of the movement system as result of advanced age and/or neurological disease, in particular Parkinson's disease. 3) Finally, the last theme of his interest combines the two mentioned research subjects and is focused on the changes occurring in fine motor performance. This last area of research concentrates on challenges encountered when (re)learning fine motor tasks under strenuous conditions as a consequence of stress, mental load, advanced age, and/or neurological disease.

Curriculum Vitae (ResearchGate / PubMed / ResearchID)


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Associate Professor

School of Kinesiology

Louisiana State University

112 Huey P. Long Fieldhouse (Room 72)

Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

Phone: 225-578-9142



Students interested in research opportunities available in the Fine Motor Control and Learning laboratory are encouraged to send a concise resume with a brief statement detailing your goals and interests. Send the short statement and resume to; put in the subject line "Research FMCL lab".

Tyler Aisner, M.S.

Tyler Aisner, M.S., received his Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from the Whittier College, Whittier, California in 2012 and received his Masters degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Motor Learning and Control from California State University, Fullerton, California in 2015.

Tyler’s research interests pertains to the training of motor movements in order to achieve a specific optimal control method. Further interests include the changes in motor control due to physiological deterioration or diminished mental capacity. 


Tyler Aisner

Rachel Herr


Rachel Herr


Haley Englade



Haley Englade


Calli Schneider

Calli Schneider


John Valentino

John Valentino


Taylor Witten


Taylor Witten


Former Members

Christopher Aiken, Ph.D.

Christopher Aiken, Ph.D., received his Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2007 and received his Masters degree in Sport Psychology and Motor Behavior from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2011. He received his Ph.D. degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Motor Behavior from Louisiana State University in 2015

His research interests include the effects of mental load, stress, and self-control on motor learning and how focus of attention affects human performance. He currently is appointed as an Assistant Professor at Alma University.


  Chris Aiken

Zhujun Pan, Ph.D.

Zhujun Pan, Ph.D., received her Bachelors degree in 2005 in Electronic Science and Technology from the South-West Jiaotong University and she obtained her Masters degree in 2009 in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the Capital Institute of Physical Education. She received her Ph.D. degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Motor Behavior from Louisiana State University in 2014.

She is interested in the neural mechanisms behind changes in the performance of fine motor tasks (e.g., pointing, handwriting, drawing, etc.) due to aging and neurological disease. She currently is appointed as an Assistant Professor at Mississippi State University.


  Zhujun Pan

Lauren Villa, M.Sc.


Lauren Villa


Jasmine Abdalla, B.S.

LSU Discover 2016: third place poster award & Tiger Choice Award winner.


  Jasmine Abdalla

Brian T. Callihan, B.S.

LSU Health Science Center - New Orleans
School of Medicine 
Class of 2015



Brian Callihan

Audrey Demand, B.S.

Currently, she pursues an M.S. degree in Biology and Medical Sciences at Mississippi College.


Audrey Demand


Seth C. Fontenot, B.S.



Kristina M. Hickey, B.S.

Kristina Hickey is an Alumni of the IMSD Undergraduate Scholarship program.


Kristina Hickey


Koby F. Lanclos, B.S.

LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
School of Medicine
Class of 2018


Koby Lanclos


Shelby C. Montgomery, B.S.

LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans
School of Medicine
Class of 2020



Shelby Montgomery


A. Taylor Moss, B.S.


Sarah B. Odom, B.S.

Sarah Odom was one of the twelve 2014 LSU Discover Scholar Awardees for her undergraduate research work on a project aimed to understand the effects of mental load and auditory noise on learning fine motor tasks.


Sara Odom


Angelo L. Sayo, B.S.

Angelo Sayo graduated from Louisiana State University in 2014. He graduated in the Ogden Honors College and received his BS in Kinesiology.

He is currently a student of the De La Salle Health Sciences Institute's College of Medicine (Class of 2019) in Dasmariñas, Philippines.

  Angel Sayo

Collette M. Tilly, B.S.

Collette Tilly graduated from Louisiana State University in 2016. She graduated in the Ogden Honors College and received her BS in Kinesiology.

LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport
School of Medicine
Class of 2020



Collette Tilly


Angelo Sayo 2014

Zhujun Pan 2014

Christopher Aiken Graduation 2015

Sarah Odom LSU Discover

Jasmine 2016

Shelby Jasmine Experiment setup

Shelby Jasmine Experiment setup

Jasmine Shelby Experiment Setup

Brian Experiment setup

Clara Bausa 2016 Pre-OT Club Founding member



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